ajwAt Jacob's Well’s Permanent Housing Program was begun in Fiscal Year 1999 to serve those residents of At Jacob's Well’s Transitional Housing Program who were ready for a more permanent and less structured living situation.  Only seven units originally, the program expanded to ten units in 2001. Due to a transfer of ten beds from Baltimore Mental Health Systems, the program grew to twenty units in 2005.  Clients are placed in one-bedroom market rate apartments in Baltimore City. Some of these units are leased, others are owned by At Jacob's Well, Inc. Client rents are subsidized by a Shelter Plus Care, Sponsor-Based Rental Assistance grant. Case management for the program is partially funded by a Supportive Housing Program Permanent Housing Component grant.

At Jacob's Well’s Permanent Housing Program, like the Transitional Housing Program, serves only single adults who are homeless, low-income and suffer from chronic mental illness.  Participants in the program are selected from clients who have been participants in At Jacob's Well’s Transitional Housing Program. Clients are selected for participation in At Jacob's Well’s Permanent Housing Program based upon an assessment of their psychiatric and residential stability as measured by their having in place the supportive services needed to maintain them. Case management is provided to all participants based upon an individual service plan developed in the first weeks of participation in the program. The intensity of case management generally diminishes over time. However, frequent contacts and monthly home visits are made even for the most stable, long-time clients.


Referrals are not accepted for our Permanent Housing Program